We Are All Vain - Lyrics

Safe in this hideout,
assured it’s still following me around
Could’ve thrown it away
but I wanted to narrow it down
Just to feel all the lines and the faults,
am I relevant now?
Waking up alone,
attempting to fight it but the night ends in a lull

To cure a man is a war
One has to learn to surrender
It’s a foolish world
We build a wall that defines us
Whats the matter now?
Everything I readied was to order,
as you wanted it.
Here I am
Could I get some loving to
go with disappointment tonight?
What’s the matter now, come on

Crumbling designs open up
my mind and comfort zone
I pick up all that’s left behind
to try to make sense of it all
Every now and then I catch a glimpse
of what’s really going on
And I’m running out of reasons to carry all
your burdens can I let it go?

You’re beautiful, beautiful
I sowed it up child, you’re ready for the world
It’s cold out tonight
Won’t you rather justify it in the mirror
It’s a pity how, there’s a little child inside her
What’s the matter now?
You showed me that I’m not good enough
Won’t you let out?
Won’t you let out? Come on

Crawling down into the hole I own
Crawling down into the hole I own
Snowfall has cleared, I am soaked
You yell I’m running out
Snowfall has cleared, I am soaked
You yell I’m running out

The pursuit of perfection is an obsession, a disease
That brings out the worst in the best of us
Driving us to the edge, haunting us, stalking us
Pushing us over that edge
But somehow, afterall
Aren’t we all Vain?

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