Lakeerein – Official Music Video

Lakeerein – Official Music Video


Seven months ago, we left Germany for a trip to India. We did not know what to expect from the country, at least the “German part” of Fire On Dawson. It was like a blank canvas. Damn it! – We did not even have any dates for concerts (ok – we had one…) when we left Germany and were quite concerned about the overall success of our plans going to India and performing in front of an Indian audience as a German band.

But now after all, coming back to Germany, reviewing our pictures and video material, it is dawning that even if we thought there were a lot of uncertainties (think of lost instruments on flights, broken equipment – how to get a proper replacement, the adventurous wiring….the traffic) this ”thing” we just experienced was huge and will continue to affect our personalities our whole life.

I personally still can’t grasp it. In this video accompanying this text we show you some of our personal footage, behind the scenes shots as well as parts which were recorded by professionals. Putting together this video and seeing the overwhelming response again and again…it felt surreal. We were a part of what happened and YOU made it happen!

Speaking for all the band members, I want to thank all of you who got in touch with us – either in person, or via the various way the modern internet platforms allow to stay in contact, or if you just have heard of us or spoke with us on the phone during organization of transport or if you only saw us in one of our various performances or whatever.

Have fun watching the video, look out for yourself: maybe some of you guys will find yourselves somewhere in there. We definitely had fun making it and even more fun being filmed during our journey! You were not only part of this, you made this happen.

Thank you most sincerely, India!

Five Triple Zero

Five Triple Zero

Our first concert experience in India was awesome. As you guys might have read, we played our first concert in Chandigarh at the PECFEST 2010. Chandigarh is a lovely city north of New Delhi, where we are based. It has about 1.1 million people and is proclaimed to be the cleanest city in India. The city was planned by a swiss architect Le Corbusier and one can notice that there is an idea behind everything. There is close to no honking in the streets, they look very nice and our whole Chandigarh experience was overwhelming.

After a 7 hour drive with a “Force Tempo Traveller”, which is kind of a older version of the german Mercedes Sprinter, the hospitality team gave us a very warm welcome at the Guest House of the PEC (Punjabi Engineering College) which included drinks and lunch, we headed off for soundcheck. The stage setting was professional and we were quite impressed by the shear size of the whole festival. We were told that they expect around 5000 people on that day for the evening.

The soundcheck was Indian style and I mean it in the best possible way one can say that. Everything was taken care of by someone and somehow everything worked out, you just don’t know why and how. In the backstage area we three instrumentalists got dressed in our Sherwanis – a traditional Indian dress: a mix of baggy pants and pantyhose as trousers, a knee-long shirt and on the top a type of a frock coat. I think they looked good on stage and we felt very comfortable playing in these Indian style suits.

The stage experience was simply fantastic. We performed in front of 5000 screaming fans, as promised earlier by the organizers. Our specially prepared Indian festival set was just perfect. We started out with one of our newly written songs, got on with some of our classics, brought it all down with an acoustic version of “Every Second” to bring it up again in the end with “Stuck In Infinity” and “Hit Me”.

As we came off stage, we were surrounded by people and talked to a lot of you guys who had very kind words for us, our music and our performance. Thank you all for that!

In the evening after watching another band’s show, we met with the music club of PEC for a Meet&Greet and talked about music, culture, travelling, studies and personal stuff. I hope you guys enjoyed that evening as much as we did. At this point I want to give out a big shout to all the guys who were involved in the organization and hospitality team and for all the interest and time you shared with us!

Coming to the end, for this time, I also don’t want to forget to thank all of you guys in the audience who made this experience possible! You guys were great.

We headed home to Delhi after a short visit to the Rock Garden in Chandigarh and some radio interviews on the day after the concert. I want to sum up the whole trip with the catch phrase of a radio station in Chandigarh

“jiyo dil se!”

and the motto of the PECFEST

“let’s leave a mark!”

…I think we did