Pseudo Christ - Lyrics

So when you thought your life had slowly fallen down to
Looking at the fire chanting all your phrases
Looking back at all the chances that were given through
Always wanting more than feelings or desire
Burning with the time and trying to stay and find a way
Losing all the hope of seeing them smile again
As the end is coming closer waiting for the plan to change
Walking to the door the light seems to fade

Four wins and I’m in a vice, it’s all within touch, within touch come on
Food chains say I’m in the right, you get your only chance to put it down to cut it out
Nails into your Pseudo Christ, I said I’m within touch, within touch of Adam
Who cares that I’m in a plight this is your only chance to put him down to cut it out

I hope I never hurt you
I hope I never find you

Everytime its like this chapter’s almost finishing
Beginning of the end or just another illusion
Hiding from the light there has to be a better way
Sound of the door closing now its too late

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