“Crunching riffs, simmering melodies and soaring vocals complete the unique sonic landscape FIRE ON DAWSON has crafted for it’s latest release ’7 Billion and a Nameless Somebody’. The textures of the album will keep you coming back for listen after listen as the layers production pulls you deeper and deeper into the layers of sound.”
- Hollywood Sound Engineer, Stephen Marsh (Incubus, Korn etc.)

“That is what music should be.”
- (Australia)

“Discover the rich, exciting musical universe that is FIRE ON DAWSON.”
- (France)

“Incredible guitar work of the calibre of legends such as David Gilmour and Steven Wilson.”  
- (Slovakia/Czech Republic)

“Fire on Dawson create their own unique, innovative style managed by very few musicians in today’s age. A musical piece of undeniable quality!”
- (Spain)

“A strong album that makes time just fly by.”
- Zware Metalen (Netherlands)

“It is as if Arena, Anathema, Pearl Jam and many others jostled over notes to give you an album that will mark your mind.”  
- (Belgium)

“Strong lyrics and vocals! Batra’s ability makes it easy for Fire on Dawson to change styles with little effort.”
- (USA)

“A fresh and awesome album where all the ten songs present a big variation and hold very high quality.”
- (Sweden)

“They’ve got the potential to be great and, in my books, definitely have what it takes to make it big.”
- (India)

“An album that manages a great atmosphere and feeling throughout!”
- (Greece)

“Fire on Dawson touches various genres, combining many different influences forming a puzzle made up of many pieces, usually different from each other but still fitting together perfectly.”
- All Around Metal (Italy)

“On the 10 songs of their new album, Fire on Dawson present a world of creativity and high quality music through and through. A successful album!”
- (Germany)