Debris - Lyrics

Can I get a little optimism surround me
Cutting out this sorry shape of a figurine
Can I find a bit of emotion to drown in
I had it all, had it all
Of all the things, this solitude is whats haunting
So can i get a stone miracle debris to breathe in

Freedom fearing son wait till it cannot even divulge you
In the lead up, today its either win or concede the hunger
Plead assault, do wait a little atleast cede I had a virtue
Gotta get out
Gotta get out
Gotta get out to well

Beyond, separate entities in colour
Black and White discovering Grey
Fear to fail cannot lead to anything
Compromise desire to succeed
Dwell, sit and wait to elevate

Cannot bully the conscience
Under the same pretension
Feel like a sage beholden
To honour the art, to honour it

The wait of this silent monster is suffocating me

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