Thank you India, again!

Thank you India, again!

A big thanks to all our amazing fans in India that supported us on our India Tour 2012.

We will take this energy into the studio to complete our second album to share it with you guys, so keep in touch!


India Tour 2012

India Tour 2012

We will be touring INDIA in the first 2 weeks of February!

Your affection and support has brought us back!

Show dates and details to be released in the coming days. We are looking forward to performing for you all again!

New Vlog

Ankur and Markus talk in our latest Vlog about the progress of the new album.

They also discuss our new practice room, Max our new drummer and Anks acoustic project.

To watch this is also your first chance to get a glimpse of what our new album might sound like.

Have fun watching!

Ank is touring Germany this fall with his acoustic side project “Dawson”. Don’t forget to catch them live! The tour dates:

29.9 – Leonberg
1.10 – Ludwigshafen
7.10 – Zweibrucken
8.10 – Sinsheim
14.10 – Trier
15.10 – Bad Sobernheim
22.10 – Aachern
5.11 – Bergisch Gladbach
11.11 – Lindau
12.11 – Koblenz
18.11 – Bad Neustadt
19.11 – Aalen
3.12 – Kaufbeuren
9.12 – Homberg
10.12 – Korbach

Our new face behind the drums

Our new face behind the drums

Please give a warm welcome to our new face behind the drums: Max Siegmund. He is an old friend of ours and motivated to fill the vacant place behind the drums. We are sure that his broad experience in playing live, teaching drums as well as in the field of recording will be a great contribution to the existing lineup.

The recordings for the new album are also progressing and the first drumtrack has just been recorded last night. We are as excited as you are how it will turn out!

Take Care Ole

Take Care Ole

“Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven.”  ~Tryon Edwards

As you guys already know, we are currently in the process of writing and recording a new album. We are really excited about what we have come up with so far!

What you guys might not know is that 3 of us, Markus, Ole and I (Martin) are also finishing our masters in the meantime.  And this is where things get tricky. To make a long story short, Ole was not able to fulfill his needs as a drummer and a student with the time, heart and dedication these things have to be done with.

So Ole and the rest of the band had to take this tough decision and agreed mutually to go our separate ways regarding Fire on Dawson. Letting a band member go is like ending a relationship, it’s not one of the nicest moments in our lives. That’s why the remaining 3 of us are happy and proud that we are still good friends with Ole and we will continue to follow our passion for music. Ole will always be an important part of the Fire on Dawson family for us and we are very thankful for that.

But what is happening with the new album? Who is going to be the new drummer of Fire on Dawson? These are both pretty relevant and exciting questions which we will give you the answers to in the next few days. But this post is dedicated to our friend Ole.