Back in Time

As we are bringing a kind of indo-german culture from Germany to India with our music, we are also trying to dig a little deeper in the rich history of India. Today we took a 30 minutes drive form the appartment where we are staying currently in New Delhi and visited Tughlaqabad. Built in the 1400′s, this massive fort with a perimeter von 6.5 km was the capital for turkish originated leader Ghuyathu O-Din Tugheluq. We took a 2 hour walk around the main part of the fort and discovered the ruins, thought of stories about who met who 700 years ago and how live was probably organized in these days. After taking our virtual trip into the past we also visited a nearby mausoleum on the other side of the road  where the above mentioned leader and his dog were buried. There we also saw the first monkeys, i think they were pavians. They were climbing all over the stonewalls and trees, pretty impressive and not shy. We stood around 1.5 m away and watched them. In the mausoleum we there was a guide who showed us all around and explained the different usage of the rooms of the still well preserved substance. In addition he also told us, that on the area of the Fort a lot of scorpions and snakes can be found, but nothing ever happened…

After coming back to our appartment and having some food, we went to our rehearsal room here in Delhi and finetuned our special setlis, specially compiled for india.

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